Jess Haggerty | Respite Rockstars

Join us for the Easter Seals Iowa Walk for Independence
Saturday, May 5, 2018, 8:30 a.m. to Noon
Camp Sunnyside, 401 NE 66th Avenue in Des Moines

Thank you so much for coming to my page!!

I am so excited to say that this is my 4th Walk For Independence and I couldn't be more excited to be apart of such a wonderful organization!

Please take a moment to look at the photos on my page and see who it is that your donated money can help! I started working at Camp Sunnyside a little over 3 years ago because I wanted to help people and make an impact on their lives. Little did I know that it took that first weekend to show me how wrong I was. I wasn't the one making an impact on their lives- they are the ones impacting my life. And they do it weekend after weekend. 

At camp we laugh, we play, we zipline and climb the rockwall, we create pieces of art, we roast marshmallows over the camp fire, we sing loud for all to hear, we paint pictures- and sometimes we paint staff, and we build lifelong friendships. 

Camp is my home away from home. So please. Consider donating to this wonderful place filled with beautiful people who's abilities will always outweigh the disability. 

Thank you for helping me reach my goal of $2000

Funds raised: $755 of $2,000



Thank you donors
Maci Masching : $15
Expose Emily please
Brendan MaGee : $15
Lemme see them pics!!
Patty Gilmore : $10
Keep up the amazing work, I am so happy to be a part of our team, your dedication and COMPLETE commitment to the campers inspires me to be a better person!! Love you Jess!!
Tabitha Meyers : $50
Claudia Farrell
candy morales : $10
Jami Schnoebelen : $100
Love you Jess! Keep doing what your doing!
Brendan MaGee : $10
You’re doing amazing sweetie!
Andrew Clemen : $20
Donnie & Diana Rogers : $20
You are a beautiful person Jessica. Keep up the good work
Ryan and Meg Haggerty : $40
Daniel Haggerty : $50
Michael Haggerty : $250
Emily Carter : $30
You are ahhhmazing and I love you and all that you do ??
Jess Haggerty : $100