Hanna Giegerich | Respite Rockstars

Join us for the Easter Seals Iowa Walk for Independence
Saturday, April 29, 2017, 7:30 a.m. to Noon
Camp Sunnyside, 401 NE 66th Avenue in Des Moines


My name is Hanna and I work in the Respite Program at Easter Seals Iowa. I've officially been with Easter Seals Iowa for just over a year!

The Walk for Independence is a special fundraiser for me. I get the privilege to work directly with the campers and I get to see the impact that these donations make!

Going to camp on the weekend to "work" is like inhaling a breath of fresh air. Every weekend is new, exciting, and campers and staff are full of life! I get to forget about any personal or school related issues and focus on having fun and seeing campers increase their independence. Whether it be watching a camper make it to the top of the rock wall, passing their swim test, (I speak for everybody when I say we are ALL excited for the new pool renovation!) or singing camp songs until you can't talk anymore, camp is the best place to be.

Camp really is for Campers and that is exactly why I raise money!


Funds raised: $515 of $500



Thank you donors
Kelsey Hoverson : $15
Patty Gilmore : $15
Hanna!!!! How could I not help you reach your goal?! huh? You are an inspiration to me, I love your passion and can do 'tude xo We got this!!
Samantha Chaulklin : $15
Keep pushing! Foundraiser for a great cause is hard but you've got this!
Cyndi Hemmer : $25
You're making a such a great impact! "As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way." - Mary Anne Radmacher Thanks for all you do Hanna!
Emily Krueger : $10
Jacci Cuff : $5
Toni Gleason
I always enjoy seeing the camp posts . Good video today !
Carly Skowronski
You are one amazing individual and I'm am so blessed to know you!!!!!!
Molly Giegerich : $15
Proud of you, Seester.
Sara Wagnitz : $15
Always inspired by every thing you do for our campers, as well as for Easter Seals Iowa. Campers are so lucky to have someone as passionate as you are in their lives.
Rachel Giegerich : $50
So proud of you for your love and compassion!
Alexis Matthews : $25
You're doing amazing things. Keep it up, lady.
Alexa Moothart
elisabeth giegerich : $50
Thanks for being a bright light in the world, Hanna!
Sarah Giegerich Rabideau
Rachel Howell : $10
Thank you for all you do for the Easter Seals programs Hanna! ??
Anonymous : $20
Amelia Golwitzer
So proud of you!
Allyssa Merlo : $5
Love you & your passion for camp so much. You inspire me beyond words ??
Ashley Gunder : $10
So much love for you, and for what you do for campers. Your hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed! ??
Mary Kate Rowland : $5
Dee Hansen
So proud of you Hanna and your great big loving, giving heart. Love you always, grandma. ?
Anonymous : $50
Merrilee Smyth : $40
Keep up the Great Work! I know how much you love what you do and how much these kids have impacted your life. A win/win for all of you!
Hanna Giegerich : $10