Patty Gilmore | Respite Rockstars

Join us for the Easter Seals Iowa Walk for Independence
Saturday, April 29, 2017, 7:30 a.m. to Noon
Camp Sunnyside, 401 NE 66th Avenue in Des Moines

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

I am very excited to be participating in this event! I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word.

Funds raised: $4,926 of $4,000



Thank you donors
respite client artwork : $225
angelene va'auli
Katy Klymyszyn : $20
Amazing place! Amazing people! Amazing memories
Respite client artwork : $410
Star Wilkes : $20
I could not think of a better cause to send my hard earned money too! Patty you are the life and soul of sunny side and I hope you reach every goal you intend to you deserve it! All my love, Star xxx
Jayne Boulton : $20
Sorry I'm so late!! Good luck Patty, your one dedicated and amazing lady. I have the most amazing memories of camp sunny side and met some life long friends. It truly is a magical place xx
Jas Luard : $25
Sorry it's late! Needed to get my act together (and get paid). Have a wonderful, inspiring, uplifting, fundraising walk today x
Debora Westphal : $100
You inspire so many! Bless you and your amazing dedication!
Carol Kavanagh : $20
Best of luck Patty & Co. Loved my time at Camp Sunnyside in 2011.
Anonymous : $25
Although I'm currently employed by Easter Seals in another department, I feel the need to donate to you as your dedication to camp, the clients, and their family never seizes to amaze me! You Rock!
Mary Jane Halder : $20
Thank you so much Patty for all that you do. You make camp a better place, not only for the campers but the staff as well. You have no idea how truly appreciated you are. Love ya!
Anonymous : $500
We love everything you do for us at camp! So glad you made your goal!!
Ashley Stupka : $20
Thanks for all you do at camp! We all appreciate you! ??
Hanna Giegerich : $10
Let's get you to $4000!!!
Nicole Debartolo : $20
Thanks for leading the respite rockstars! Our team made our goal! Here's to yours. Thanks for being the best of the best Patty!
Brenda Finer : $25
Stefanie Cooper : $25
Go Patty Go!! Your passion for caring is a true inspiration for everyone you come in contact with!! We love you Pats!! Cody wanted to say: fkhktoglhkhkoyhkhhkjlujhlhkkjh khkyh ohlyhkyky khkyh iyut 5t
Kate Malone : $20
Couldn't thank you enough for a great summer in the health center!!
Lana Gilmore : $100
Good luck Patty! -love Lana and Zach!
Mackenzie DeMoss : $25
Holly Flynn : $20
I love camp SunnySide and I am gutted I won't be returning this year. Camp will always hold a special place in my heart and I wouldn't be the person I am now or where I am now without camp. Thank you.
Elizabeth Walker : $20
I have Camp Sunnyside to thank for lots of things! What an incredible place with amazing talent and dedication. It won't be long before I'm back. Love you Patty xoxo
Anonymous : $20
Go for it Patty darling! Just imagine a shot of Jaeger waiting for you at the finish line ?? much love to you from Stevie Jesus xxx
Megan Noble : $20
Patty I know how passionate you are for Camp Sunnyside! And you finally made one little girls wish come true this summer!! Thanks for making a difference in so many kids lives!!
Iselier Camacho : $40
We all appreciate the effort you've put in throughout all this years, Ms. Patty! Thank you!
Odessa Redgrove : $15
GO PATTY!! So glad I've donated to the most amazing place on earth that will always have a place in my heart. I miss this place so much can't wait to be back??
Ursula Gardner
Anything for Sunnyside, see you in a few weeks!! Xx
Alicia Thede : $50
Good luck :)
Anonymous : $100
Keep up the wonderful work Camp Sunnyside! You enrich not only the lives of those fortunate enough to use your facilities, but also those fortunate enough to work there. GO PATTY! LOVE
Balazs Maro
Best of luck, Patty!
Harriet Phelan : $10
sending lots of love to u, see you in 45 days!!!
Sharon Weaver : $25
Good Luck Patty, Ocean Beach is cheering for you...xoxox
Kay Sutton : $15
I hear from my best friend Vicky that amazing things happen at camp sunnyside, I hope you all have the best summer!
Carys Kelly : $25
Good Luck Patty! Wish I was there to join. Missing my special place more and more? Give camp a kiss from me.
Kasey Dobson : $25
Good luck Patty! It's not as much as I wanted to give but it's what I can do. Wish I could give all much more!! Camp will always have a very special place in my heart! I miss the campers so much!!! ??
Ingibjorg Gudlaugsdottir : $50
Can't imagine a better place than Camp Sunnyside :) Good luck Patty!! Miss you all over there!
Selina Campos : $20
Love you Patty!! You're amazing
Katlyne Oneill : $30
Genuinely the best place on earth that I absolutely love with all of my heart? I am so grateful to spend my second summer here with the best people everrrrr GO PATTY!???
Jeanette Gorforth : $25
Chris Readings : $50
Keep up the good work Patty ??
Megan McCormack : $30
Heard through the grapevine you were raising money for our little paradise -- hope this helps!! P.S. Team America is always a winner in my book :)
Isaac Parker : $25
Have fun, see you soon :)
chloe spicer : $40
couldn't think of a better place for my money too go, couldn't imagine my life without the sunny side now! thank you everything you do!! good luck xxx
Sarah and Charlie Hiemer : $50
You know what we need?!? :) A little more patty in our lives! Such a great summer! Go patty! Camp will always have a special place for us!
Laura Tombs : $100
Good luck Patty :) you do such an amazing job at camp! I am still determined to get back there one summer!
Lauren Game : $25
Such a magical place and I'm so happy to get the opportunity to go again this year and make many more momories which I will treasure forever. Thankyou Patty for being so amazing xx
Sheri Leavens : $10
Keep up the great work Patty!
Kendall King : $10
Sorry the NZD doesn't go far in the rest of the world, every little bit helps though right? Thank you for all the work you do Patty. Looking forward to seeing you again this summer ?
Amber Ford : $20
I think of you often and miss you sunny side so much! I hope I can come back and work there one day! I hope this small contribution helps... you do amazing work! Good luck! Xxx Amber
Rhonda Lemieux : $20
Way to go Patty!
Cathy Zazueta : $50
I would support anything you do patty Lou!!! You are the most genuine, compassionate I am proud to call my friend!!!
Michael Baker : $10
Verity Watson : $25
Good luck! Verity x
Kenzi Padget : $10
I love u so much patty! (kenzis exact words when i asked what message to include to patty)
Ava and Ellie Goodrich : $20
We love you grandma. ????
Alea Miller : $20
Walk on Patty!!
Cameron Baker : $25
Thanks for all you did for Ian over 15 years. We think of you all often. The Baker family.
Jamille Walker : $50
Easter Seals and Camp Sunnyside truly changed my life. Working there set me up for a lifelong career that I am extremely passionate about and love. I will always remember my experience! Good Luck!
John Pye : $30
Sue Legge : $50
Go get em' Patty!
Vicky Drabble : $10
Amazing place, amazing memories. Good luck Patty! Xx
Karla Sutton : $50
Ashtyn Gilmore : $5
Lisa Lewis : $50
Love ya!
Nikkie Townsley : $10
We love you tons sorry I can't do more your amazing and everything you do
Esma Karamuja : $20
Staci Huff : $50
Camp changed my life Summer 2005 will always hold a special place in my heart only wish we had a similar camp close to me!
Julie Sondgeroth : $25
Lisa Diedricks : $30
All the best Patty! Missing you! Xo
Sharon Mineart : $25
Thank you for doing what you do!!!
Ben Baker : $25
Montana Baker : $25
Tracy Barongan : $50
Alana Burns : $20
All the best for the day!! Go get em! Lots of love to Camp Sunnyside from Scotland ??
Andrew Donnelly : $30
Best of Luck Patty
Jenn Staveley : $100
Go patty! Hope you reach your goal and I will miss you and everyone at camp sunnyside this year! Love ya!
Robert Gilmore
Good Luck and Go get em!
Aimee Turner
Such an amaizng place. I am proud to say I spent summer 2016 here. Camp sunnyside will always hold a place in my heart.
Leah McLaughlin : $10
Such a magical place!
Dan Byrne
Good luck Patty:)
Terri Miles : $25
Your an inspiration patty! And I can't wait to see you again this summer!!
Katy Williams : $20
Camp Sunnyside changed our lives! Thanks for introducing Danny and I 9 years ago, Patty ?
Vicky Stubbs : $30
The most amazingly beautiful place on earth, how lucky we are...
Rachel Thomson : $40
Good luck Patty ! I love this place with all my heart and the work you all do is amazing ! Wish I could come and do it with you . Love from your friend across the pond xx
Ashleigh Bowles
Good luck! Thank you Patty for being so incredible at everything you do for Camp Sunnyside. You're awesome, lots of love.
Christine Bennett : $25
You're such an inspiration Patty!!!!
lisa rooney : $20
good luck patty! wish i could be there to take part! hope you's raise lots of money for the most amazing place ??
Lisa Crow : $50
I love to see that you continue to make a difference in so many lives through the work you do at Easter Seals. Camp Sunnyside will always have a special place in my heart! Keep up the great work!
Deb Belcher
Good luck!
Sally Turner : $20
I absolutely adore Camp Sunnyside and will be supporting the wonderful place whenever I can and have Patty to thank for a huge awakening and a change in path. All the love for this place/person x
Claire (Boss Mama) LeCroy : $35
I have always and will always support you. I'm proud of you .
Penel o Bailey : $15
The best memories of this place!!
Alyssa Erickson : $50
Love you so much Patty!!
Brad Schultz : $50
Good luck Patty, Camp Sunnyside will always hold a special place in my heart
Amanda Dugan
Go Pattycakes!
Olivia Barragan : $30
Good luck, Patty! Thanks for continuing to make Camp Sunnyside the absolute best place on earth! :)
Dung Burgety : $25
Laura Bowlby : $100
I wish you all the best in making your goal!!! This is your FAVORITE place to be
Michael Griffin : $20
Keep on rocking Patty! Much love from England xx
Nicki Meston : $100
Thanks for all that you and everyone at Easter Seals does Patty!! So glad that both my kids have and continue to learn so much from you guys!!
Jen Alt : $100
Good luck Patty!
Natalie Bensley
We love you and wish we had more to give! XOXO
Maria Gibney : $25
Love you Nurse Patty ??
Liz McNeeley : $25
Good luck on your campaign!! Always happy to support you!!!!!??????
Kasey Baker : $20
Good luck, Patty! As the kids say, you're cool!
Patty Gilmore : $500